Built 1936

Hull Oregon Pine

Arrived 2006

Active as of 2006


Owner History

• Sir James Pearman, 1936

• Stanhope Joel, 1959 - 1977

• John Hartley Watlington & Family, 1978 - 1984

• Than Butterfield Jr., 1985

• Richard Thompson, 2006

• Shawn Mulrooney, 2007

• Mike Kelley, 2015



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Interclub racing between the Clubs on Long Island Sound and the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club have existed since the mid 1920s but really took off when the International One Designs were introduced in 1936, as a class boat for Larchmont Yacht Club and Royal Bermuda Yacht Club. Zephyr was one of the First IOD’s in Bermuda and ended up with the number 1 on her sail. Her original owner, Mr. James Pearman, was a lawyer and a reknowned sportsman. Sir James, as he would later become, sailed the boat for many years before he sold her to Stanhope Joel, a South African diamond and gold mining magnate. He named the boat “Solna” after his daughter . She was painted a light green with a pink boot top; the colours worn by his jockeys when racing his horses.

Stanhope Joel owned the boat for more than 30 years. She was skippered by Archie Hooper, who was very successful, winning many trophies including five Gold Cups in Bermuda. She was eventually sold to the Watlington family when Mr. Joel brought the first fibre glass IOD to Bermuda in the late 1960s. John Hartley Watlington sailed her under her new name “Zephyr” to many successes in both local and Gold Cup races. In 1985 Zephyr was sold to Than Butterfield Jr. after the death of John Hartley Watlington.

Zephyr was the last remaining original wooden IOD in Bermuda when Than sold her to me in 2006 and I shipped her to Chester where the climate is much gentler and kinder to wooden boats. Shawn Mulrooney was enamored with her and bought her in 2007 and spent many hours restoring Zephyr to pristine condition. She is now one of the mainstays of the Chester fleet and still is winning races.

Richard Thompson