Built 1937

Hull Mahogany

Arrived 2009

Active as of 2009


Owner History

• Unknown, 1938

• James Elk, 1989

• Kevin Mahaney

• Richard Thompson, 2008

• Peter Wickwire, 2016





The story of “Squall” is somewhat vague. I was notified that she was for sale in 2008 but did not see her until I drove to North East Harbour for the IOD North Americans’ in 2009. I had been told by Harry Maderia that she had “only been driven to church every Sunday” so she was in great shape; and she certainly was. I made further enquiries with Bruce Dyson of Marblehead who had done extensive work on Squall in 2005. I decided to purcahse her after getting his endorsement.

Squall was one of the original boats sent to Bar Harbour, Maine in 1938 but not much is known of her early owners or history. Mention is made that Squall was owned by James Elk in 1989 and then by Kevin Mahaney who is a world class helmsman and who had made the boat very competitive. It’s also said that she once sailed on Lake Winnepesaukee in New Hampshire, quite a distance from the ocean.

Shawn Mulrooney picked up Squall in the fall of 2009 and brought her to Chester. As she had a North East Harbour rig we had to replace not only the rig but sails as well.

Squall has been racing in Mahone Bay these past couple of years as an active member of the fleet and has been quite successful.

Richard Thompson


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