rying to predict the weekend weather in September and determine a perfect day for a boat race in Nova Scotia is a bit of a challenge. The Indian Point Yacht Club wanted to put on a day series of four windward leeward IOD races. September 22nd was the day chosen, courses were prepared for what we thought would be possible wind directions and starting line locations were discussed. The wind turned out to be approximately 25 knots from slightly west of south so start line and courses were re-thought to stay inside the islands of Indian Point. The windward mark was attached to the outer mark of the Indian Point Mussel Farm and the leeward mark was in the bay off Martins River. Four boats came out for the race, La Diva, skippered by Stephen Bond, Ghost, skippered by Ken Florence, Squall skippered by Terry Schnare and Aileen, skippered by Mike Kelley. Skippers meeting was held on Mike's wharf and then the start committee crew was put on board the Mikes tug Miss Jenna and taken to be moored off a private wharf at the actual Indian Point with the start line buoy secured between the boat and Zwicker Island. Each skipper had been given an area chart and a visual description of the four courses. The order of the courses was decided by the committee and boats were notified of the courses by flag colour, course number on VHF and on a white board on start boat. Racing started at 1130hrs with the warning signal and the next race was started five minutes after the last boat had finished.

The strong winds meant some rolling downwind with the spinnaker up and top hull speeds for all boats on the short courses. Our boat Aileen blew a halyard block for the jib on the third race which cost us a lot of time, and taught me a lesson about laughing at the misfortunes of La Diva who also lost her jib halyard on one race. By the end of the four races it was clear that Terry Schnare aboard Squall and his crew were the winners only losing the lead in race four to Ghost. Racing was over by 3PM and boats headed in for prize giving at Ken Florence’s house. Final standings were Squall 1, Ghost 2, Aileen 3, La Diva 4.

Amazing race photos were taken by David Welsford, Zack Green did a great job of the start line and leeward mark placement.

Allison Nelder ran the start boat committee with help from Ryan Mosher, Ben Verburgh, Lucas Kelley, Dixie from Strum Island, Mary Kelley, Katherine Kelley and Colin Green.

If anyone would like copies of the digital photos, please contact the Indian Point Yacht Club at:

Shawn Mulrooney provided on course support and moved boats from Chester to Indian Point.